A Feature in Eastern Carolina Organics' The Cover Crop

We were featured in ECO's newsletter, The Cover Crop. Thanks, ECO, for the congratulations on our recent organic certification!

Do you know Eastern Carolina Organics? ECO is an awesome, farmer-owned company that markets and distributes wholesale Carolina organic farm produce. In other words, they help get amazing organic produce from farmers like us to to folks like you! Read more...

Meet Your Farmer

Cecilia Redding • Down 2 Earth Farms • Rougemont, NC  

We’re thrilled to congratulate Down 2 Earth Farms, the latest ECO grower to obtain organic certification!

Owner Cecilia Redding purchased the land in Rougemont in 2011. Since then, only organic growing practices have been used on the farm but, as required by the USDA, this had to be documented for three years before the land was eligible for certification.

While preservation of soil health and the other environmental benefits of organic agriculture
motivated the decision to obtain certification, Redding says that the USDA Organic label also
provides a clear way to communicate with customers about the farm’s standards and growing practices and how they vary from conventional farming.

Down 2 Earth is based on 143 acres in northern Orange County. Much of the land is forest protected through the Triangle Land Conservancy, with eight acres fenced for growing produce and ten more under cover crop. Formerly the site of a late nineteenth-century dairy, the homestead and barn built in 1902 still remain on the land.

Redding started the farm in 2012, after working 25 years in the food and beverage industry saving up money to buy land to become a farmer. “I decided to be a farmer when I was an undergraduate at University of Florida,” says Redding. “I majored in Biological and Agricultural Engineering because I fell in love with all the science behind farming. There are not many careers that use so many aspects of science like farming!”

This year, Down 2 Earth offered two new varieties of eggplant, Hansel and Nadia, on the ECO list. Next year, they plan to expand their production of edamame and broccoli, two items our customers love!

Above: Cecilia Redding, her brother John Dorsey, and farm manager Matt Ball. Photo credit: Anna Kirby Photography